Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wild side of Pasir Ris

Blogger seemed to have some problems with my browser these few days so this is a little back dated.

Anyway, it was a lovely morning and I didn't have lessons till the afternoon so I went down to the mangroves at Pasir Ris to check out the wildlife there.

The morning dew of the plants there are just so refreshing!

This canine friend was actually doing its morning workout by running circuits around the whole boardwalk area (no kidding!).

As I approached the bridge near the site where Sijie had his snake hunts, I was quite amazed to not only find one but TWO bicycles washed up onto the concrete structures there. Is it a trend now to dump bicycles into our canals?

Actually the main reason for me to head down to the area is to catch a photo of a really nice bird that would perch on a branch sticking out from the trees. That fella didn't come but I did catch some photos of other birds that we don't normally see on the streets.

And I also ventured to the rocks just before the flat "plateau" (sorry, couldn't find a good description). First thing I found there was one of my favourite creatures, an onch (Onchidium sp.)

I really liked this photo as the bigger crab looks as if it is domineering the smaller one haha.

I didn't go onto the boardwalk due to the time but I'll do an entry on there very soon!
Next up is a strange find at Changi Beach while having a barbeque for my little cousin's birthday

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