Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sentosa really "Blakang Mati"

Its very saddening to receive news on the doomed Sentosa shore. Especially for me, I might not have a chance to visit it again as the NHC trips are scheduled right smack in the middle of my test week.

Looking at the giant Euphyllia sp., the sponges, the critters, it really brings to me the issue of sustainable development. I always had this notion that one day, we'll reach a point of environmental crisis and its already too late for anything to be done.

Our environment is always on the bottom of a priority list and this itself, is like a drug, the more we try to ignore it, the worser it'll come back to us. This year marks a milestone for everyone for it is this year that we finally experience the "Doomsday Effect" that was predicted but tucked under the rug as a piece of nonsense. With rains coming in the dry months, freakish weather and even unpredictable tides, I don't know what more must we see before it strikes each and every one of us that our Earth is ill.

Its a dilemma I know, that our country dreams of earning a little extra pocket money and at the same time, face with nosey volunteers coming up to foil their plans. When will these people understand that there would never be an end to competition, to development, to wealth while places like Sentosa's shore faces the gallows?

Its overdue time for us to take a LONG HARD LOOK at ourselves and think, would you really want Sentosa to forever carry the stigma of being Pulau Blakang Mati?

*"Blakang Mati" means "death at the back" in Malay

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