Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Of jellies and snakes

Its Sijie's last installment of the snake hunts and I'm sure not gonna miss a bit of it

Today was only SJ, me and Guy3 because Helen had injured herself...

As usual we went to find snakes that had already eaten for SJ to bring back to the lab.

There was an interesting find though, as SJ caught sight of this jellyfish that got washed ashore. On the previous hunts, the volunteers said they saw jellyfish but we didn't find any.

I also came across another one near the bank. Seems like there's really jellies here

There were lots of Green Chromides (Etroplus suratensis) there too. Its the first time I've seen them so close to the shore.

And the doggy! Beautiful isn't it?

For those who had not experienced the hunt, this is how it looks like when they come up to shore.

One thing I can't grasp is why this species is called dog faced?
Does it look like a dog to you? (say no haha)

And here's the drama of it eating a BIG fish. Beats watching any documentary hands down!

And of course, being a mangrove area, there are other creatures such as this bugger here whom Sijie made very very grumpy.

And as Gaytri requested, here's a pic of her with a baby dog face


Tan said...

Heya, I just had the time to visit your blog after a long week. Nice updates and I really appreciate your consistent help in my field trips. Ya one of those who can be depended on. Thanks alot!
Anyway, the fishes in your picture are actually not Tilapias but Green chromides (Etroplus suratensis), noticed by their striped body and more rounded body rather than elongated body that of Tilapias. =D

Dickson said...

No problem bro! Ok, thanks for clarifying the fishes, I'll change accordingly.
Cya soon!