Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Cut by barnacles

Went with Sijie for a snake hunting trip to catch the dog faced water snake cerberus rynchops for his project
Sijie was very good in explaining the background info about them as I know nuts about snakes
At first I thought it would be kind of big from the picture he had of it but I later found out the bigger ones are probably of managable size

First, we spotted a medium size one but it is not feeding and we went around to see what it looks like
Then Sijie caught one to show the morphology and explain the sexing (which I still can't do)
After that, many more appeared and finally we saw our first one that caught a fish and was trying to swallow it

Almost like a chain of events, there was another one spotted and then it turned out that 2 snakes were fighting over the fish
Subsequently we caught a few more including some large one which really stink
Then the tide came in and the "magic moment" was almost over and most of the snakes went into hiding again

Didn't bring my camera along so no pictures of the trip from me
But I did take a picture of this cut I had when I slipped and went straight into a barnacle covered rock

Its quite a deep cut actually, but not a problem at all and I'll be back with Sijie and guys for the next 2 sessions

It was really an eye opener for me today, hopefully someday I can bring Chloe along since she is the only one who had not been involved in these stuff

Still anticipating the Semakau TeamSeagrass transect
Heard it had the largest seagrass meadow in Singapore!
Got to go see it for myself haha

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