Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kusu smuchsu

Off to Kusu Island today with the Beachfleas people (sorry for the confusion just now Ria)
Everyone was fast and once they settled in the hut, the filming crew went off with their gears and the others set out to the shore.
Tiong Chin was very fast and before I could even step onto the sand, he was already out in the waters snapping away.

Anyway, here's something interesting I found
At first I thought it was a starfish until I grabbed in and it was just a pile of sand

Ron did manage to find a couple of starfishes (Archaster typicus) though

This one had a blue mouth!

Close up of a healthy carpet anemone
Yum yum, makes me think of honeydew sago

I'm really glad to see big healthy carpet anemones
Our hunt for the clownfishes carries on...

While Ron and his friends were scouring the waters for clownfishes, I chanced upon this little fella
A lone tube anemone on the vast shore (Cerianthus sp.)

Here's another anemone I found
Had almost stepped on it because its so well camouflaged

Close up of the blue tips of this stony coral
They're scattered sparsely on the shore amongst the big brain corals

One of the many brain corals around
Hmm if only my brain was this size....

A colony of Montipora sp. which was amongst the secluded bunch of them
They were just beside the coral rubble (which probably be made up of the montis)
I even saw a small fragment which grew from a broken branch but the water was too murky for a pic

Here's the coral rubble
I wonder what happened to the corals that once used to thrive here

Again, I spotted this mysterious gooey stuff around the seagrass
Here's one for you Siti

And for the final shot, look who's lookin'

P.S. I'm a flash hater so pardon me for not taking night photos
Maybe I will when I get my hands on a DSLR :)


ria said...

It's my fault lah. I should be more careful with the admin. Good thing all went smoothly in the end, and I'm glad you could be there.

Great shots! (Although sea star, the mouth is on the underside yah)

Use flash lah. It's the only way to get good shots of our marine wonders. Yes, probably easier with flash on an slr. Looking forward to your joining the flash gang :-)

Dickson said...

Haha yeah the sea star's blue lips are on the underside
Didn't take a pic of it though (I even wonder why I took a pic of sand on the star in the first place haha)