Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chek out the featherstars

Was at CJ early last Thursday morning helping Kok Sheng with his project on the CJ mass death incident. I'm supposed to do a survey on the sand dollars together with Robert and gosh was it a lot of work!

So while the both of us were digging our hands into the sand to scoop up the sand dollars, I did manage to catch some interesting creatures that roamed the shore that breezy morning.

Almost immediately, one would spot these gorgeous peacock anemones and they come in all imaginable colours.

What interested me most was the unusual number of featherstars on the shore. These guys aren't built to live on the sand (as they have claw like structures which they use to perch on corals and stuff) so their appearence on CJ might just be coincidental or something else....

There's more to come later so keep checking back!!

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